Thursday, 5 April 2018

Glenluce Energy Fair

The Energy Agency partnered with Energy Action Scotland to host an Energy Fair for the residents of Glenluce.

The church hall was filled to capacity with residents gathering energy saving information, energy saving freebies and LED lightbulbs.

Pupils from Glenluce Primary School took part in a calendar competition to help raise awareness of energy issues.  13 winners and 19 runners up all received a certificate and a goodie bag. The winning artwork will feature in a free desktop calendar soon to be available. 

A short video of Glenluce and the surrounding area was made highlighting the beautiful village. To view it click below.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Energy Agency wins NHIC George Plucknett Award for Excellence

Liz Marquis, Director and Alan McGonigle, Deputy Director collected the prestigious NHIC Award for Excellence at a luncheon in Westminster, London.

The award is presented to the category-winning entrant that most closely fulfils the objectives of the National Home Improvement Council.  The late George Plucknett was a key activist in setting up and firmly establishing the Council as an agent for change on behalf of homeowners and tenants. 

Liz Marquis said 'It’s a great honour to win such a prestigious award and is an acknowledgement of the important work that we do. Winning the award has brought the Energy Agency to the attention of members from both Houses of Parliament and leaders from a wide range of industries who all attended'.

From left to right - Paul Everall, Alan McGonigle Deputy Director, Baroness Maddock, Liz Marquis Director